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Investigative Reporters Held Abitrarily in Northeastern City
A reporter has being held on arbitrary charges in Kazakhstan. Reports Without Borders believes that he is being held as a scapegoat for a rape that took place in a governor's residence.
Kazakhstan: Investigative reporter held arbitrarily in northeastern city
Sources News Release
Reporters Without Borders condemns investigative reporter Yaroslav Golyshkin's arbitrary detention for the past month in a prison in the northeastern city of Pavlodar and calls on the judicial system ...
Kazakhstan: RFE/RL website editor beaten unconscious in Almaty
Sources News Release
Ermek Boltay, a young journalist who edits the website of Radio Free Europe/Radio Libertyâ##s Kazakh-language service, was beaten unconscious outside his home in Almaty on 18 January.
Kazakhstan's 99 per cent
Protests by Kazakhstan's oil workers in 2011 were crushed, but anger remains over huge inequalities of income and lifestyle
Genté, Régis
Kazakhstan could be among the world’s top 10 oil producers by 2020, but the Kazakhs who get the oil out of the ground don't benefit much from it. In May 2011 thousands of oil workers in western Kazakh...

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