Just-in-time Scheduling

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Enough With the Just In Time Schedules, Say Retail Workers
Brown, Jenny
Employers increasingly use part-time scheduling to decrease costs and crush attempts at worker organizing. Scheduling software now cuts shifts into chunks as small as 15-minutes. Last-minute schedule ...
How the New Flexible Economy is Making Workers Lives Hell
Reich, Robert
Whatever it's called – just-in-time scheduling, on-call staffing, on-demand work, independent contracting, or the "share economy" -- the result is the same: No predictability, no economic security.
Retail Workers Fight 'Just in Time' Scheduling
Freleng, Maggie
On-call shift scheduling is rough on a largely part-time and female work force trying to keep up with families, school and second jobs. Some workers are asking for better terms.
The Threat of Just-in-Time Scheduling
McElwee, Sean
One of the most unnoticed labour trends in the past few decades has been the rise of "just-in-time scheduling," the practice of scheduling workers' shifts with little advance notice that are subject t...