Islamic Activities

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How to Become a Real Muslim
Malik, Kenan
When I was growing up in the 1980s the concept of a radical in a Muslim context meant someone who was a militant secularist, someone who challenged not just racism but the power of the mosques too. So...
The Myth of Muslim Conquest: Less Threatening Than Imagined
Haenni, Patrick; Amghar, Sami
It's easy to mistake the high visibility of Islam in the West for a massive return to piety in Muslim communities. But for the last 20 years religious observance has stagnated, even slightly waned.
Review: Defying Fundamentalism: A review of Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here
Moghissi, Haideh
Concerned with the rising Jihadist fundamentalism on one hand, and increasing discrimination against Muslims following 9/11 on the other, and having in mind the question repeated by many commentators ...
Targeting Iran
Barsamian, David
A critical analysis of the Bush administration's policies towards Iran.