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Connexions Library

Connexions: Volume 7, Number 1 - March 1982
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Empire of Lies and Torture: Against The Current vol. 111
The Editors
The prohibition of torture in international conventions is absolute. There are no exceptions for so-called "ticking bombs," for "high-value terrorists" or "illegal enemy combatants" or similar improv...
Human Rights: A Directory of Resources
Fenton, Thomas P. & Heffron, Mary J.
Human Rights Library
Library of online documents in the human rights field.
A Left Voice in Pakistan: Against The Current vol. 131
Tariq, Farooq
Following the October 18 attack on the massive procession into Karachi welcoming Benazir Bhutto back from an eight-year exile, Farooq Tariq, General Secretary of the Labour Party Pakistan, expressed h...
Steps in the RIGHTS direction: 365 Human Rights Celebrations & Tragedies that Inspired Canada and the World
Hammond, Stephen
Stephen Hammond has researched one human rights fact for each day of the year.

Connexions Directory of Groups & Websites

Philippine Human Rights Reporting Project
The Philippine Human Rights Reporting Project is a collaboration between the international media organization Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) and national media development and support or...
Sources specializes in collecting, indexing, and disseminating information to help journalists, editors, and researchers quickly reach articulate experts and spokespersons who can provide background i...

Sources Library

Human Rights & Civil Liberties Topic Index in Sources Directory of Experts
Spokespersons, Experts, and Resources
A subject guide to experts and spokespersons on topics related to human rights and civil liberties in the Sources directory for the media.

From the Connexions Archives

Human Rights
A Directory of Resources
Fenton, Thomas P., Heffron, Mary J. (ed.)
Serial Publication (Periodical)
A directory designed to give educators, students, librarians and activists quick access to a wide variety of print, audio-visual, and organizational material. Extensively indexxed by name, title, orga...
Human Rights Internet Reporter Winter 1988
Periodical profile published 1988
Serial Publication (Periodical)