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A contemporary account of the German pogroms of November 1938
Zimmerman, Elizabeth
Shortly after the November 1938 pogroms, journalist and historian Konrad Heiden wrote a work entitled Night Oath, in which he gave a detailed account of the horrific events marking the transition from...
The Holocaust Chronicle: A History in Words and Pictures
A chronological account of the genocide of European Jews at the hands of the Nazis.
IBM and the Holocaust: The Strategic Alliance Between Nazi Germany and America's Most Powerful Corporation
Black, Edwin
Nazi Germany employed IBM Hollerith punch-card machines to perform critical tasks in carrying out the Holocaust and the German war effort, cranking out lists of Jews which were then turned over to th...
The Politics of Memory: The Journey of a Holocaust Historian
Hilberg, Raul
A memoir of a historian's life-long exploration of the Holocaust.
Seth Farber's Radicals, Rabbis and Peacemakers: Against The Current vol. 120
Smith, Michael Steven
My grandparents came to America from Hungary in 1912. My family who stayed there and the Hungarian Jewish population were mostly killed by the fascists in the bitter winter of 1944, some 800,000. Twen...

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Challengers vow to publish Anne Frank diaries as foundation moves to keep control of copyright
Flood, Alison
Charity that guards world-renowned account of a Jewish girl's life in hiding from the Nazis says copyright - which some argue ends this year - extends from father's death.
Final Solution
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The Final Solution (German: Die Endlösung) was Nazi Germany's plan and execution of the systematic genocide of European Jews during World War II, resulting in the most deadly phase of the Holocaust.
Sources of Holocaust Research
An Analysis
Hilberg, Raul
Hilberg's Destruction of the European Jews (1961) practically invented the field of Holocaust studies. After a half-century of research, Hilberg has now turned his attention to the sources used to rec...