Heidegger, Martin

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Bad Marxism: Capitalism and Cultural Studies
Hutnyk, John
Cultural Studies commonly claims to be a radical discipline. This book thinks that's a bad assessment. After an introduction critiquing the so-called 'Marxism' of the academy, Hutnyk provides detailed...
Deconstructing Derrida
Heartfield, James
There is little doubt that Derrida was an erudite and learned philosopher, but his erudition was bent towards a destructive aim. In him the unreason of the age found its cunning articulator.
Heidegger: L'introduction du nazisme dans la philosophie
Faye, Emmanuel
Faye argues that all of Heidegger's thinking was permeated by National Socialism.
Heidegger And Nazism
Farias, Victor
Posits Martin Heidegger's as an influential Nazi philosopher, a manipulative thinker of great intelligence whose touchstones were anti-humanism and contempt for democracy.
Multiculturalism or World Culture?: On a "Left"-Wing Response to Contemporary Social Breakdown
Goldner, Loren
Post-modernists are profoundly bored by any questions of economics and technology which cannot be connected to cultural differences. The implicit agenda of the multiculturalists is to present the valu...
The Nazis and Deconstruction: Jean-Pierre Faye's Demolition of Derrida
Goldner, Loren
A review of Jean-Pierre Faye's book 'La raison narrative', which traces the Nazi origins of deconstructionist and post-modernist concepts and terminology. Faye shows, for example, that the concept of ...
Postmodernism Generator
Bulhak, Andrew C.
A computer program written by Andrew. C. Bulhak using the Dada Engine, a system for generating random text. Each time you click on the page, it generates a brand-new postmodernist essay, completely me...
Vanguard of Retrogression: "Postmodern" Fictions as Ideology in the Era of Fictitious Capital
Goldner, Loren
When one probes the terms of the debate, what is truly amazing is that the ostensibly anti-Eurocentric multiculturalists are, without knowing it, purveying a remarkably Eurocentric version of what th...
Why Does It Matter If Heidegger Was Anti-Semitic?
Brody, Richard
The publication of the philosopher Martin Heidegger’s “Schwarzen Hefte” (“Black Notebooks”), written between 1931 and the early nineteen-seventies, is likely to cause an uproar.

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Heidegger and National Socialism
New Contributions to an Old Debate - Reviewed by Robin Celikates
Celikates, Robin

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Break Their Haughty Power
Goldner, Loren
Articles on capitalism, socialism, and revolution, from a left-Marxist perspective.