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Critical Paths: Organizing on health Issues in the community
Keck, Jennifer; Dauphinais, Denriette; Lewko, John
Mounting evidence of deliberate attacks on Gaza health workers by Israeli army
An immediate investigation is needed into mounting evidence that the Israel Defense Forces launched apparently deliberate attacks against hospitals and health professionals in Gaza, which have left si...
A Picture of Health: Broadcasting The Health Care Blues
This program describes the fight of front line workers in the health system for quality health care services and the right to care.
Take Care: Warning Signals for Canada's Health System
Armstrong, Hugh, Armstrong, Pat, Choiniere, Jacqueline, Feldberg, Gina, White, Jerry
"Examines the modern Canadian health care system and exposes the impact of neo-conservative and market-oriented policies, showing the effect these have on patients and caregivers, particularly women. ...
The Winter of our Discontent: Experiences Organizing Nursing Homes
Burcher, Betty; Donner, Lissa
An account by two nursing home workers describing their jobs and their successful efforts to organize unions at their workplaces. Published in Issue #2 (1973) on the New Tendency newsletter.
Workshop Talks: Reclaim our labor
Htun, Lin
Lin discusses the precarious conditions under which healthcare labourers work.

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Province must treat health centre staff fairly
Garfinkle, Miriam; Gazeley, Sharon
The government should deal fairly with health and social service staff who are bargaining for a new contract.