Health Care Coverage

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Connexions Library

Denying health coverage to injured migrant workers is shameful
Rai, Nanky; Majeed, Abeer; Deutsch, Jim; Bailey, Brendan; Garfinkle, Miriam
Imagine getting injured at work, and instead of going to a hospital or seeing your health-care provider, you are deported from Canada.
The Waiting Room
Nicks, Peter
The film watches a Californian hospital for a full day, observing what patients and staff go through as they deal with the over-crowded, under-funded US health care system.

Sources Library

Ontario's Announcement to Fill the Refugee Health Gap a Win for Migrant Communities
Sources News Release
Health for All welcomes yesterday's announcement that Ontario will join Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, and Quebec in filling the gap left by federal cuts to refugee health care and send...
Undocumented Labour
Cymbalist, Rivka
Pregnant refugee and non-status women are facing growing difficulties in accessing pre & post-natal care. Some doula's in Montreal are helping to fix that situation.