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Connexions Library

The Art of Negotiating: Psychological Strategies for Gaining Advantageous Bargains
Nierenberg, Gerard I.
Negotiation cannot be considered a game accord to Nierenberg; everyone must win. If participants were to try to co-operate instead of compete, they would be more likely to reach a lasting, mutually be...
Beginner's guide to improving online security
Williams, Margot
Investigative journalists like the members of ICIJ are facing growing concerns about security. Our members often work with leaks or other materials requiring protection of sources, collaborate across ...
Building United Judgement: A handbook for consensus decision making
Avery, Michel; Auvine, Brian; Streibel, Barbara; Weiss, Lonnie
Describes the techniques and skills which groups can apply to make the principles of consensus work effectively.
The Canadian Guide To Working and Living Overseas: For Entry Level and Seasoned Professionals
Hachey, Jean-Marc
This work profiles 700 employers in government, the private sector,voluntary and international organizations for people who want to work in the Third World.
Field Guide to Alternative Media: A Directory to Reference & Selection Tools Useful in Accessing Small & Alternative Press Publications and Independently Produced Media
Case, Patricia J. (ed.), Task Force on Alternatives in Print
Serial Publication (Periodical)
A listing of tools that list, index or review primarily small and alternative press publications and independently-produced media. The Field Guide is divided into four sections: Subject and Trade Dire...
Finding Peace
Vanier Jean
Free Speech: A Very Short Introduction
Warburton, Nigel
Covers a wide-range of controversial free-speech issues, from Holocaust denial and pornography to the status of modern copyright law. Offers a concise quide to many of the vexing issues concerning our...
Peacemaking in the 1990s: A Guide For Canadians
Perry, Thomas Dr. (Editor)
Talking About Organizing: A Series
This is an active online archive of commentaries and stories, first published in Our Times, about the experience of union organizing: what works and what doesn't. It's also the place where you'll find...

Sources Library

A Field Guide to Eastern Forests
Kricher, John C.; Morrison, Gordon
A "second-generation" field guide to the ecology of the forests and fields of eastern North America.
How to locate a person held in the U.S. prison or immigration detention systems
Williams, Margot
Tracing the trail of prisoners incarcerated in the United States can be complicated, but the reward for patient and thorough searching is getting information that would have been much more difficult t...
How To Use Simple Excel Functions for Data Analysis
Willson, Kate
In this series of video tutorials, ICIJ reporter Kate Willson demonstrates four basic yet essential Excel functions to assist with data analysis during investigative reporting.
Investigating charities: How to search the finances of nonprofits and foundations
Williams, Margot
There’s good news from the U.S. on a research tool for digging into non-profits and private foundations. Why does this data need to be freed?
New website to assist crime and corruption investigations
Williams, Margot
For journalists and civil society researchers seeking information to help expose organized crime and corruption across borders, there’s a new “Ghostbusters” to call on for assistance.The Investigative...
The Oxford Guide to Library Research
Mann, Thomas
An overview of little-known but powerful strategies used by librarians and information specialists, with clear explanations of fundamental methods searching.
Revealing the Secret World of Private Companies
Coronel, Sheila
You’d think that getting the names of the shareholders of a company would be fairly easy. Such information should be routinely available.To be sure, there’s a wealth of information on listed companies...
Toronto Rocks
The Geological Legacy of the Toronto Region
Eyles, Nick; Clinton, Laura
Toronto’s urban geology.