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Billboard Liberation Front Manual
Tactics for improving outdoor advertising.

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Banner Photoshop Tutorial
A tutorial showing you how to create a banner in Photoshop and then animate it in Image ready.
Beautiful Evidence
Tufte, Edward
How to produce and consume evidence presentations. How seeing turns into showing, empirical observations turn into explanation and evidence.
Create a Banner Using Gimp
A very simple tutorial teaching you, how to create a banner using Gimp.
Creating Holiday Banners
Dare, Holly
It’s always nice if you can tie your shop banner and inventory together so that people get an idea of what you are selling. But for some shops, that may not be possible. So in this post, we’ll address...
Front Cover
Great Book Jacket and Cover Design
Powers, Alan
Examples of some of the best book covers and jackets of the twentieth century.
The Information Sage
Meet Edward Tufte, the graphics guru to the power elite who is revolutionizing how we see data
Yaffa, Joshua
Photoshop Tutorial - Create Animated GIF Banner using Photoshop
In this tutorial I am explain you, how you can create animated GIF banner using Adobe Photoshop.
Photoshop Tutorial: Creating a 468x60 Advertising Banner
Webb, Kevin
It is important to know how to make a simple but eye catching and professional looking banner for your website. Since the majority of web sites rely on advertising to generate traffic, you can imagine...
The Visual Evidence of Quantitive Information
Tufte, Edward
A classic book on statistical charts, graphs, and tables.
Visual Explanations
Images and Quantities, Evidence and Narrative
Tufte, Edward
About pictures of verbs, the representation of mechanism and motion, process and dynamics, causes and effects, explanation and narrative.

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Fame & Fortune Online
Comprehensive listing of awards available to Canadian journalists.