German Communist Party

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Beating the fascists? The German Communists and political violence 1929-1933
Rosenhaft, Eve
Eve Rosenhaft examines the involvement of Communist Party militants in political violence against Nazis during the years of Hitler's rise to power in Germany (1929-33). Specifically, she aims to accou...
Could Punching Nazis Have Prevented Hitler From Taking Power
Proyect, Louis
There have been repeated references to how Nazism could have been stopped by street-fighting, with almost no attention paid to the concrete socio-political conditions of Germany between 1920 and 1933....
For a Workers' United Front Against Fascism: What's Wrong With the Current Policy of the German Communist Party?
Trotsky, Leon
Germany is now passing through one of those great historic hours upon which the fate of the German people, the fate of Europe, and in significant measure the fate of all humanity, will depend for deca...
A German Lenin?: Book Review of "In the Steps of Rosa Luxemburg: Selected Writings of Paul Levi" edited by David Fernbach
Post, Charlie
A review of the compiled writings of Paul Levi, a leading figure in the German Communist movement.
Germany's lost Bolshevik: Paul Levi revisited: A review of David Fernbach (ed), In the Steps of Rosa Luxemburg: Selected Writings by Paul Levi
Zehetmair, Sebastian
Paul Levi’s name is almost unknown today outside a small community of specialised historians. But in the years 1919 and 1920 he was well known in Germany and abroad as the chair of the young Communist...
Our Generation: Volume 18 Number 1
Roussopoulos, Dimitrios
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Our Path: Against Putschism
Levi, Paul
If a Communist Party is to be built up again in Germany, then the dead of central Germany, Hamburg, the Rhineland, Baden, Silesia and Berlin, not to mention the many thousands of prisoners who have fa...
Paul Levi: A Luxemburgist Alternative?: A review of In the Steps of Rosa Luxemburg: Selected Writings of Paul Levi
Drucker, Peter
Among the adversaries of capitalism, some have argued that a revolution could have been achieved differently and better in the spirit of Rosa Luxemburg, who wrote a critique of the Bolsheviks’ undemoc...