French Empire

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The Age of Empire 1875 - 1914
Hobsbawm, E.J.
Covers the rise of bourgeois society, the growth of free market capitalism and the expansion of European colonialism abroad.
The Case for Haitian Reparations
Alcenat, Westenley
A history of France's exploitation of colonial Haiti, the aftermath of Haiti's independence, and the lasting social and environmental impacts, arguing for Haiti's recent demands of reparations from t...
A century of sugar and tears: Guadeloupe has bulit a slavery memorial centre on the site of a gigantic sugar refinery, believing it's necessary to acknowledge
Denis, Jacques
Present day Guadeloupei s coming to terms with a grim past through the Caribbean Centre of Expression and Memory of Slavery and the Slave Trade (MACTe), a new museum and memorial built symbolically on...
From Sykes-Picot to "Islamic State": Imperialism's Bloody Wreckage
Mather, Yasmine
When the Jihadist group Islamic State (formerly known as ISIS) changed its name and declared the establishment of the Caliphate, it did so with the release of a promotional video entitled "The End of ...
A Marxist History of the World part 44: Wars of empire
Faulkner, Neil
The English Revolution transformed Britain into a capitalist economy engaging in geopolitical competition. Neil Faulkner looks at how Britain became the dominant global superpower of the 19th Century.
A Saga of Revolution: Book Review of Reiss' "The Black Count: Glory, Revolution, Betrayal, and the Real Count of Monte Cristo"
Morrison, Derrick
A review of Tom Reiss' biography of Alexandre Dumas, a largely underemphasized figure in the French Revolution and the slave trade during the 18th century.