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Brink of Reality: New Canadian Documentary Film and Video
Steven, Peter
From angles both practical and philosophical, Peter Steven examines the business of making documentaries in Canada and reaching audiences with them.
Film as a Subversive Art
Vogel, Amos
Analyzes how aesthetic, sexual and ideological subversives use film to change and demystify.
Filmmaker "Gringoyo" Putting the Fun Back Into Revolution: Harnessing Humour to Build Video Viewership and Social Movements
Hennessey, Leah Victoria
These satirical videos not only talk about movements, they are filmed in conflict zones in moments of political tension. Gringoyo moves in a very real world with the freedom of a cartoon.
John Sayles and Working-Class History
Roberts, Nora Ruth
Even if we know that community and solidarity will be harder to win than Sayles' newer efforts seem to suggest, the fact that someone is bucking Hollywood forgers of dominant ideology and that audienc...
Klein, Bonnie Sherr: Connexipedia: Article in Library and Archives Canada
Filmmaker, author, disability rights activist. (Born 1941).
One of the Hollywood Ten
Francis, Karl
A Spanish and British bio-picture. The drama focuses on screenwriter/director Herbert Biberman and his efforts to make what would become the historic political film, Salt of the Earth in 1954, produce...
Video The Changing World
Thede, Nancy; Ambrosi, Alain

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Rain/Drizzle/Fog: Film and Television in Atlantic Canada
Varga, Darrell (ed.)
Scholarly study of film and television in Atlantic Canada. Provides a broad historical overview of film and television in the region, as well as essays on specific topics such as contemporary popular ...
Sayles, John
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American filmmaker.
Slumming in Kenya's back streets
A young TV crew is chronicling a life of dirt, violence and hope
McCrummen, Stephanie
Slum TV is a group of young people from Mathare, one of the slums of Kenya, who chronicle life in their community during times of peace and unrest.
Who's Who in Canadian Film and Television
5th Edition
A comprehensive guide to Canada's film and television production personnel: Animators, Art Directors, Cinematographers, Composers, Costume Designers, Directors, Editors, Music Editors, Post Production...

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Creating Your Own Alternatives
Alternatives and suggestons for creating independent media.