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The niqab represents a pernicious ideology and its spread should worry us all
El-Doufani, Mohamed
A look at the controversial niqab and similar veils, and why they are so concerning.
On Being a Jewish Feminist: A Reader
Heschel, Susannah (ed.)
This collection explores the myths and images of women that delimit women's growth within Judaism.
Our Generation: Volume 19 Number 1
Roussopoulos, Dimitrios
Why make a fuss about the murder of a brown-skinned Muslim girl?
Diemer, Ulli
History gives us numerous examples of social movements which come, over time, to adopt positions directly opposed to the principles on which they were founded. It appears this has happened to the 'fem...

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Canadian Catholics for Women's Ordination
Organization profile published 1981
Two small groups of women in Ottawa and in Toronto have begun to work together to see if they can discover other individuals and groups who want to work towards the ordination of women in the Roman Ca...
Saskatchewan Christian Feminist Network
Organization profile published 1983