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Facebook Facts: Finding Friends and Foes
Blackadder, Derek
Unions and workers are making much use of the latest web fad: social networking sites. But are sites like Facebook really adding anything to our ability to organize? If yes, how, exactly? And where ar...
Facebook Shut Me Down
Miko, Peled
Peled describes how Facebook shut him down after he exposed an Israeli plant.
Internet Companies: Confusing Consumers for Profit
Cordozo, Nate
In the age of information, companies are hungry for your data. They want it - even if it means resorting to trickery.
Interview with director of "Like"
Hynes, Eric
The director of a documentary about Bangladeshi workers who get paid to "like" Facebook posts discusses the people and ideas behind her film.
Social Networking and the Death of the Internet: How Do You "Like" That?
Lopez, Alfredo
Social Networking is, by its nature, a capture environment. The companies that offer the services, particularly Facebook, host your site and control all the information on it. Facebook — a group of li...
With Power of Social Media Growing, Police Now Monitoring and Criminalizing Online Speech
Greenwald, Glenn
Criminal cases for online political speech are now commonplace in the UK, notorious for its hostility to basic free speech and press rights. As The Independent's James Bloodworth reported last week, "...

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Big business censorship
Boura, Malcolm
Big business is almost entirely unaccountable. Some of the worst offenders are US corporations exporting harmful attitudes from the USA to the rest of the world. We suspect that some of them are drive...
China suspected of Facebook attack on Nato's supreme allied commander
Beijing cyber-spies accused of using fake social networking accounts in bid to steal military secrets from the west
Hopkins, Nick
Nato's most senior military commander has been allegedly been targeted in a Facebook scam designed to glean information about him from his colleagues, friends and family.
Facebook forces Instagram users to allow it to sell their uploaded photos
Arthur, Charles
Move means pictures could be used in advertising, with all payments going to social media giant.
Facebook job ads suggest 'mind reading' social networks could soon be a reality
Details job descriptions from the 'Building 8' group of facebook, which suggest engineering efforts in neuroscience, neuroimaging, artificial intelligence and augmented reality.
Facebook’s 'anti-fake news' plan looks like effort to curb alternative media
MacDonald, Bryan
Examines the problems of how 'fake news' is defined, and how Facebook's strategy to limit exposure to 'fake news' might also impact any alternative media.
Fundamentalists target Twitter and Facebook in unprecedented move
Sources News Release
Reporters Without Borders deplores the ruling by an Islamic court ordering a Nigerian human rights group, the Civil Rights Congress, to close its blog and stop hosting debates on Twitter and Facebook ...
Global Coalition to Facebook: 'Authentic Names' Are Authentically Dangerous for Your Users
Kayyali, Nadia
Facebook claims its practice of forcing users to go by their "real names" (or "authentic identities" as Facebook spins it) makes the social network a safer place. In fact, the company has often claime...
Have new social media made 'traditional' media obsolete?
New media provide additional channels for getting messages out, but they don't make older media obsolete. The task is of public relations is to reach people through the media they use. In an increasin...
It's Complicated
The Social Lives of Networked Teens
boyd, danah
In It's Complicated, danah boyd uncovers some of the major myths regarding teens' use of social media.
Manipulating Reality: Facebook is Listening to You
Gurtov, Mel
One thing we have become all too used to is that our reality can be manipulated to create the appearance of something else entirely. Invading another country is defensive, rigged elections are passed ...
Millennials and Political News
Mitchel, Amy; Gottfried, Jeffrey; Matsa, Katerina
Obama has often been dubbed 'the first social media president' but this title has more implications than you think. This report looks at the sources of political news across generations. Spoiler alert...
Tomorrow on NY Radio We'll Be Dropping a Bomb on Facebook
Giordano, Al
I've been asked to speak for Narco News and the nonprofit Fund for Authentic Journalism, and I'll announce that we're taking our 27,000+ Facebook users to Tsu as our response to Facebook and Instagram...
Who Are the 5.5 Million Facebook Fans of Chinese State Newspaper People's Daily?
Lam, Oiwan
Facebook has been banned in China for six years yet the Facebook account for Chinese State Newspaper People’s Daily has over 5.5 million fans. What is a state run newspaper doing on a social network t...
Why Facebook Failed Our Censorship Test
Maass, Dave
If you click around Facebook's "Government Request Report," you'll notice that, for many countries, Facebook enumerates the number of "content restrictions" the company has fulfilled. This is a saniti...
You Are Not a Gadget
A Manifesto
Lanier, Jaron
The internet has spawned a hive mentality, where the crowd takes precedence over the individual.