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The Captive Labour Force on Non-English Speaking Immigrant Women
An article focusing on the 'invisible work' that non-English speaking immigrant women, in particular, have done and continue to do.
A Case Study on the Interaction of Immigrant-Canadians in Their Work: and the Influence of this Interaction on the Resocialization of the Immigrant
Diaz, Harry
A sociological analysis done from the perspective of participant observation including theological reflections.
Getting There: Producing Photostories With Immigrant Women
Barndt, Deborah, Cristall, Ferne, Marino, Dian
Photostories about immigrant women surviving in and adapting to a new culture.
Out of Africa: A Migrant's Story: New Internationalist June 2005 - #379
Serial Publication (Periodical)
An issue on the story of a nurse's return back to Kenya and the reason why she has worked so far away from home. Also, a discussion on a widespread crisis in international healthcare and the human co...
Playing Chicken: Discovering a Diverse Working Class in Trump Country
Dixon, Patrick
Since the election of 2016, much has been written about rural working-class voters who helped elect Donald J. Trump to the presidency. Most of those stories have assumed that the rural working class i...
Rau, Carsten; Wendler, Hauke
The story of Latvians who sought asylum in Germany, their lives there, and the consequences when harsh immigration policies suddenly tear them apart in this critique of laws written and applied withou...

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The Immigrant Worker
Periodical profile published 1978
Serial Publication (Periodical)