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Defying Washington's Embargo
Ponvert, Phyllis
In the face of strong government opposition and little U.S. media attention, a grassroots effort scored a victory on September 13, 1996. On that day U.S. and Canadian members of Pastors for Peace deli...
Growing International Movement Seeks to Place Arms Embargo on Saudi Arabia
Hussain, Murtaza
A lawsuit filed in Canada in March 2016 is seeking to halt a major $15 billion sale of light-armoured vehicles to the government of Saudi Arabia, part of a growing international movement to stop arms ...
Lifting the Iraq Embargo After Almost 2 Million Deaths: What Have We Learned From the Embargo's Lessons?
A summary of the 1991-2003 Iraq Embargo, and its devastating attack on the Iraqi civilian population.
"Listen, Yankee!": Tom Hayden Captures Absurdity of Cuban Embargo
Glennon, Patrick
The US embargo of Cuba, like a bad hangover from the Cold War, has lingered on for far too long. After decades of bingeing on the country's particularly potent brand of anticommunism, the nation's rul...
The Politics of Nonviolent Action: Part Two: The Methods of Nonviolent Action
Sharp, Gene
An encyclopedic treatment of the theory and practice of nonviolence, with a detailed examination of 198 specific methods of the technique — illustrated with actual cases — within the broad classes of ...
UN General Assembly in One Voice (Almost) Rejects U.S. Cuban Blockade
Whitney, W.T.
The United Nations General Assembly on October 27, 2015 voted on a Cuban resolution calling for "an end to the economic, commercial, and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America agai...