Electric Power

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Blackout in Gotham City
Borger, Julian
Privatisation and deregulation are at the roots of both last Thursday's power meltdown and the 2001 California crisis, and both events have been lessons in the dangers of taking an exclusively private...
Electric Empire: The Inside Story of Ontario Hydro: The Inside Story of Ontario Hydro
McKay, Paul
Electric Empire is a close-up look at Ontario Hydro, the second-largest public-owned utility in North America, a giant enterprise presiding over 30,000 employees, 80 generating stations, and 32,000 ki...
Energy: The Fleecing of California: Against The Current vol. 91
Sheppard, Barry
The root of the electrical power “crisis” in California lies in the 1996 deregulation of the industry by the state government, approved unanimously by both Democrats and Republicans in the state legis...
Just Mobility: Postfossil Conversion and Free Public Transport
Brie, Michael; Candeias, Mario
In the face of a growing world population and metropolitan areas growing to accomodate them, Brie and Candeias analyze electric cars and free transit as alternatives to urban mobility.
Life, Money & Illusion: Living on Earth as if We Want to Stay
Nickerson, Michael
The failure to reduce green house gas emissions, the success of efforts to curb ozone depletion, causes related to prosperity and social justice are just some the topics covered. By using the example ...
A Submission to the Royal Commission on Electric Power Planning
Moore, Lloyd H.
In March 1979 a submission from Ontario was made to the Royal Commission on Electric Power Planning by the Concerned Farmers of the United Townships (Turnberry, Howick, Wallace, Maryborough, Peel, Woo...

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Ontario Clean Air Alliance
The Ontario Clean Air Alliance is a coalition of over 90 organizations that represent more than six million Ontarians. We led the successful campaign to phase-out Ontario's five dirty coal-fired pow...

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Red state, red power: Nebraska's publicly-owned electricity system
Hanna, Thomas M
Republican Nebraska's energy is all publicly owned or cooperative, and prices are among America's lowest, with great service standards and a strong commitment to renewables. Decentralised and locally ...