Line 9 Pipeline Needs Review

Letter to the Editor, January 31, 2016

Re: Pipelines face new environmental rules

The Liberal government’s decision to subject future pipelines to a review of “upstream greenhouse gas emissions” and to “more consultation with Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples,” though a step forward, offers cold comfort to Toronto residents.

Toronto’s own tar sands pipeline, Enbridge’s Line 9, was rushed into service in December 2015 despite warnings of a likely spill and the lack of proper consultation with 18 First Nations along the route.

Moreover, Federal Environmental Commissioner Julie Gelfand reported on Jan. 26, 2016 that the federal pipeline regulator is seriously mismanaged and underfunded regarding its mandate to oversee pipeline operations across the country.

Before the elections, Justin Trudeau promised that the remake of pipeline regulation “applies to existing projects, existing pipelines as well.” Now is the time to act on that pledge.

Line 9 is a disaster waiting to happen and the climate crisis disaster is already unfolding. Indeed no tar sands pipeline can pass a serious climate test if Canada is to keep its commitment to a limited warming to 1.5 degrees C.

Miriam Garfinkle

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