Regent Park Story Not so Simple

Letter to the Editor, March 3, 2014

As physicians working in Regent Park, we feel this perspective is skewed and leaves out the experience of many of the people we serve. The study, conducted by organizations that have a limited presence in Regent Park, looks only at the experience of residents who have already been moved from an old unit to a new unit. It completely leaves out the experience of those who are still displaced in the process of redevelopment.

In Phase 3, which is unfolding right now, the majority of residents are being moved far away from the footprint of old Regent Park, with no choice in the matter. We have seen firsthand the dire health impacts of this relocation process on our patients.

Individuals and families already marginalized by poverty, poor health and barriers to accessing services, are being further marginalized by displacement. Children are being torn away from their schools and community. Already disadvantaged in so many ways, people are being further disempowered through the disruption of their support systems. These are the voiceless social casualties of Regent Park’s glorified revitalization.

Fatima Uddin and Miriam Garfinkle

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