List of strikes

The following is a list of deliberate absence from work related to specific working conditions (strikes) or due to general unhappiness with the political order (general strikes).


[edit] Chronological list of strikes

[edit] Seventeenth century

Date Strike Location
1619 Polish craftsmen strike Jamestown, Virginia colony
1636 Indentured Servants' and Fisherman's Mutiny Province of Maine
1661 Virginia's Indentured Servants' Plot Virginia colony
1663 Maryland Indentured Servants' Strike Province of Maryland
1675 Boston ship carpenter's Protest Boston, Massachusetts Bay colony
1676 Bacon's Rebellion Virginia colony
1677 New York City Carters' Strike Province of New York
1684 New York City Carters' Strike Province of New York

[edit] Eighteenth century

Date Strike Location
1741 New York City Bakers' Strike New York City, Province of New York
1768 Florida Indentured Servants' Revolt East Florida
1768 New York City Tailors' Strike New York City, Province of New York
1774 Hibernia, New Jersey, Ironworks Strike Province of New Jersey
1787 Calton Weavers Strike Calton, Glasgow, Scotland
1791 Philadelphia Carpenters - First Strike in the U.S. building trades Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
1792 Philadelphia River Pilots' Strike Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

[edit] Nineteenth century

[edit] 1800-1850

Date Strike Location
1806 Philadelphia shoemakers' strike Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
1824 Pawtucket, Rhode Island, Textile Strike Pawtucket, Rhode Island, United States
1825 Boston House Carpenters' Strike Boston, Massachuetts, United States
1827 Philadelphia Carpenters' Strike Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

[edit] 1850-1899

[edit] 20th century

[edit] 1900s

[edit] 1910s

[edit] 1920s

[edit] 1930s

[edit] 1940's

[edit] 1950s

[edit] 1960s

[edit] 1970s

[edit] 1980s

[edit] 1990s

[edit] 21st century

[edit] Chronological list of general strikes

Date Name Location
1820 1820 Rising Scotland
1842 1842 General Strike England
1877 Saint Louis General Strike Saint Louis, Missouri, United States
1886 Walloon jacquerie of 1886 Wallonia
1887 1887 sugar cane workers St. Mary, Terrebonne ,and Lafourche parishes, Louisiana, United States
1892 New Orleans General Strike New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
1893 Belgian general strike of 1893 Belgium Mons
1909 1909 Swedish General Strike Sweden
1910 Philadelphia General Strike Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
1912 1912 Brisbane General Strike Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
1918 Vancouver general strike Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
1919 Seattle General Strike Seattle, Washington, United States
1919 Winnipeg General Strike Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
1920 Italian, Anti-Fascist General Strike Italy
1926 UK general strike of 1926 United Kingdom
1933 French general strike of 1933 France
1934 San Francisco general strike of 1934 San Francisco, California, United States
1936 Palestinian general strike Palestine
1942 1942 Luxembourg General Strike Luxembourg
1950 General strike against Leopold III of Belgium
1953 Uprising of 1953 East Germany
1956 Yleislakko 1956 Finland
1960–1961 1960-1961 Winter General Strike Belgium Wallonia
1968 French general strike of May 1968 France
1973 Uruguay general strike of 1973 Uruguay
1974 Ulster Workers' Council Strike Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
1988 Spanish general strike of 1988 Spain
1992 April 1992 general strike in Nepal Nepal
1998 1998 Puerto Rican General Strike Puerto Rico
2002–2003 Venezuelan general strike of 2002-2003 Venezuela
2006 2006 democracy movement in Nepal Nepal
2007 2007 Guinea general strike Guinea
2008 2008 Egyptian general strike Egypt

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[edit] Sources

Labor conflict in the United States, An encyclopedia. edited by Ronald Filippelli, assisted by Carol Reilly - Garland Publishing New York & London 1990 (ISBN 0-8240-7968-X)

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