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Boycott Brand America

Are You Ready to Take on a Lone-Gun Superpower?

The world struggles to fight global warming, and its biggest polluter thumbs its nose. The world calls for an international criminal court, and “the global supercop” rejects it out of hand. Now the world wants a firm but peaceful solution in Iraq, and America is beating the drums of war.

It's the new global arrogance. The White House is right. The rest of us are wrong. And like it or not, the world gets a war.

Because I am one of the millions of people against the war;

And because the American government has made it clear that it won’t listen to world opinion;

And because the symbols of American power are its corporations and their brands;

I hereby pledge to boycott Brand America, from the moment the war begins and to the best of my ability until the empire learns to listen.

How do we - from Tokyo and Bombay to London and Los Angeles - take a stand against Rogue Nation USA? Here's an idea: we hit the superpower with a boycott the whole world can see, and that American power can really feel. For most of us, the clear symbols of American culture gone wrong are the corporate logos that make up Brand America. So we empty the McDonald's, the Niketowns and Hollywood cinemas. We clear out Disneyland. We turn off Fox, CNN and MTV. We shut down Esso and Texaco, Gap and Starbucks.

When you make the Boycott Brand America pledge, you make a public statement. You also add your email address to our secure list, so we can build the boycott into an international outcry on par with the peace marches. Watch for days of action on oil, fast food, sweatshop labor, the media - the intensity will build with every week of the war.

We face a historic turning point - and a need for new mass actions. Don’t doubt that we can turn the tide; the peace movement is already 10 million strong and growing. That’s enough consumer clout to make the Brand America Boycott a challenge heard round the world.

Ready for action? From personal choice to public protest, you can build the Brand America Boycott with the power of your own imagination. Whatever you choose to do, let us know (tell Sadie), and watch this site for updates, jams, photos and reports. Take on the global bullies and celebrate your freedom from commercial culture.

And remember: Empires fall!

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