Caring for Earth Mother

Keesheanakwat Art Solomon

To those who believe
no explanation is necessary
To those who don't believe
no explanation is possible.
But we, the Native Aboriginal People of this land
are the first and still the best teachers
about ecology.
And how to take care of our Earth Mother
and all that lives on her.

We, the Native People of this land
have never willingly or mindlessly
destroyed this land for profit or any other reason
because it belongs only to the one who created it.

How long can we destroy God's creation
and laugh in the face of the one who created it?
Well, it's obvious that we will not do that for very much longer
Because this world is not going to be destroyed
by the hands of fools
and this has become a fool's paradise

If we want to continue to live on this earth,
then we will have to learn how.
That means that people will have to come back
to the first teachers and learn from them.
But we cannot teach the man anything unless
he puts down his greed and arrogance.
Only then can we teach him to live
in harmony with creation.

There is not far to go
on this road of destruction
before there is a divine intervention
and you will watch it happening.
It's happening now.

Keesheanakwat Art Solomon is a Canadian Ojibway Elder.



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