Disability Rights

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Color of Violence : The INCITE! Anthology
INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence (ed.)
An anthology of critical writings demanding that we address violence against women of color in all its forms, including interpersonal violence, such as sexual and domestic violence, and state violence...
Disability, resistance and revolution
Murthwaite, Rob
The number of disabled people has grown from around 10 percent of the world population in the 1970s to 15 percent, 1 billion people, today. The World Health Organisation predicts that this figure will...
Disability rights movement: Connexipedia Article
A movement aims to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities.
Disabled Activists Seek Freedom
Thomas, Stephanie
"I'd rather go to jail than to die in a nursing home".
Honoring Marta Russell (1951-2013)
Malhotra, Ravi
A tribute to the life and work of the late disability rights advocate Marta Russell.
Human Rights videotapes
5 videotapes for use at senior elementary or secondary levels or for adult audiences.
Situation Reversed
King, Audrey
Social Movements/Social Change: The Politics and Practice of Organizing - Socialist Studies 4
Cunningham, Frank; Findlay, Sue; Kadar, Marlene, et.al.
This collection of essays covers movements related to labour, ecology, childcare, peace, disability, gay rights, and access to abortion.
TPP Undermines User Control and That's Disastrous for Accessibility
Sutton, Maira
The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) threatens all users' ability to access information and participate in culture and innovation online, but it's especially severe for those with disabilities or who o...
A Very Capitalist Condition: A history and politics of disability
Slorach, Roddy
This book examines the origins and development of disability and highlights the hidden history of groups such as disabled war veterans, deaf people and those in mental distress. Roddy Slorach describe...

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Disabled parking spot hologram
Damn Bored
If there's one thing drivers hate having to deal with, it';s parking. But there's one type of person that is a real ass, the type that isn't handicapped and will take up one of those spaces anyways. T...