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Defence without armies
The word 'defence' is often associated with the word 'violence.' However, Social Defence represents a different perspective.
If Israel Has the Right to Use Force in Self Defense, So Do Its Neighbours
Khalid, Amad Samih
There is no reason why Israel should be able to enter Arab sovereign soil to occupy, destroy, kidnap and eliminate its perceived foes - repeatedly, with impunity and without restraint - while the Arab...
National Security Through Civilian-based Defense
Sharp, Gene
This publication offers an introduction to civilian-based defense. It also identifies significant research areas and policy studies that are relevant to advancing the field.
Our Generation: Volume 17 Number 2
Roussopoulos, Dimitrios
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Self-Reliant Defense without Bankruptcy or War
Sharp, Gene
In this booklet, Sharp discusses the potential of civilian-based defense for the Baltics, East Central Europe, and members of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

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