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Models of Coming U.S. Interventions: Iraq or Haiti?: Against The Current vol. 134
Terrall, Ben
Ben Terrall interviews Mike Davis.
On Power and Ideology
Chomsky, Noam
Five lectures on U.S. international and security policy.
Relentless Persistence: Nonviolent Action in Latin America
McManus, Philip and Schlabach, Gerald (ed.)
There is in Latin America a tradition of "firmeza permanente," relentless persistence, which has enabled the people to preserve parts of their culture during five centuries of conquest and oppression.
US Teaching "Counterinsurgency" Courses To Mexican Military in Drug War: State Department Report Details Special Forces "Mobile Training Teams" South of the Border
Rosa, Erin
To fight the drug war in Mexico the US military conducted specialized trainings both inside and outside of the country with a focus on combating "narco-terrorism" and "counterinsurgency" conflicts.

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