Corporate Tax Evasion

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Beyond Panama: Unlocking the world's secrecy jurisdictions
The 21 jurisdictions covered by the Panama Papers data vary from the rolling hills of Wyoming to tropical getaways like the British Virgin Islands. But all have at least one thing in common - secrecy ...
The Check-the-Box Loophole: The Great Corporate Tax Shift
Rasmus, Jack
Corporate taxes in America have been in decline now for more than three decades. Contrary to the drumbeat of corporate media throughout this year, and their false claims that US corporations are payin...
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The Corporate State and Manufactured Dependence: Sure, It Can Get Worse...It's Happening Right Before Our Eyes
Urie, Rob
The 'resistance is futile' mindset that supports plutocrats and the global corporations they own assumes the existing order is the only possible order and the costs of resistance are too great because...
The Great Canadian Tax Dodge
Benger, Robin
It is estimated that between 100 and 170 billion dollars leaves Canada every year, untaxed. Much of it is siphoned off to Canadian-made offshore tax havens. "The Great Canadian Tax Dodge" documents th...
The Great Corporate Tax Shift: The $10 Trillion Heist
Rasmus, Jack
The great corporate myth-making machine has been hard at work of late, attempting to create the false impression that US corporations are increasingly uncompetitive with their foreign rivals due to th...
No Fooling - Corporations Evade Taxes
Miller, John
Closing corporate loopholes so that corporate income tax revenues in the United States match the 3.4% of GDP collected on average by OECD corporate income taxes would add close to $200 billion to fede...
The Price We Pay
Crooks, Harold
This documentary, inspired by Brigitte Alepin's book La Crise fiscale qui vient, shines a light on the dark history and dire present-day reality of big-business tax avoidance, which has seen multinat...
Tim's + BK = $ for Canada right? Wrong! (in one table)
Macdonald, David
Big news today that Burger King, a US company, is planning to buy Tim Horton's, a Canadian one. This is another in a string of 'tax inversion' deals where US corporations move their corporate headquar...
Uber Used Clandestine Technology Tool To Thwart Police Raids
Chatterjee, Pratap
Uber uses a number of technological tools for tax evasion, undermining competition and monitoring customers and drivers.

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Behind the Numbers
A blog from the CCPA
Commentary on issues that affect Canadians, including the economy, poverty, inequality, climate change, budgets, taxes, public services, and employment.
Corporate Canada pays low taxes but contributes in 'lots of other ways'
Canada's corporate tax rate has been repeatedly cut for more than a decade
Chipman, John
Canadians for Tax Fairness did an analysis of the top 60 companies listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, and found only four companies paid the full corporate rate. More than half paid less than 10 pe...