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The Copyright Police: First They Came for the Hip Hop Sites ...
D, Davey
Understand this: the seizure of websites without due process, corporate interests lobbying and then writing laws that allow them to be the police and t personally enforce, the battle over net neutrali...
Patent Folly
Sainath, P.
The misuse of patents rights and associated dangers.
TPP Undermines User Control and That's Disastrous for Accessibility
Sutton, Maira
The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) threatens all users' ability to access information and participate in culture and innovation online, but it's especially severe for those with disabilities or who o...
What Is the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP)?
The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a secretive, multinational agreement that, among other things, threatens to extend restrictive intellectual property (IP) laws across the globe and rewrite inter...

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Anatomy of a Copyright Coup: Jamaica's Public Domain Plundered
Malcolm, Jeremy
A bill extending the term of copyright by an additional 45 years -- almost doubling it, in the case of corporate and government works -- sailed through the Jamaican Senate on June 26, after having pas...
Ashley Madison's Owners Give In to Temptation To Misuse The DMCA
Stoltz, Mitch
Ashley Madison's owners have been sending numerous DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown notices to platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and others in an attempt to stop the dissemination of mil...
Avoiding Gripes About Your Gripe (or Parody) Site
Here's a story we hear a lot at EFF: You think BadCo, Inc. is a bad actor and you've developed a really cool site to tell the world why. Maybe just by griping about them or maybe through a bit of paro...
Copyright's Paradox
Netanel, Neil Weinstock
Explores the tensions between copyright law and free speech concerns, revealing how copyright laws can impose unacceptable burdens on speech.
Cory Doctorow Rejoins EFF to Eradicate DRM Everywhere
Sources News Release
Leading digital rights champion and author Cory Doctorow has rejoined the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) to battle the pervasive use of dangerous digital rights management (DRM) technologies tha...
The Cultural Industries in Canada
Problems, Policies and Prospects
Dorland, Michael (ed.)
Dorland discusses policy problems specific to the Canadian cultural industries that produce cultural commodities, such as books, films and television programs.
EFF Battles Abuse of Site-Blocking Court Orders
Sources News Release
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) urged a federal court in an emergency hearing and a written filing this week to block the recording industry's move to force Internet infrastructure companies ...
EFF Fights for Common Sense, Again, in DMCA Rulemaking
Sources News Release
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) filed six exemption requests with the U.S. Copyright Office today, part of the elaborate, every-three-year process to right the wrongs put in place by the Sect...
EFF Urges Appeals Court to Reconsider Dangerous Copyright Ruling
Sources News Release
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is urging a federal appeals court to reconsider its decision to order Google to take down the controversial "Innocence of Muslims" video while a copyright laws...
EFF Wins Petition to Inspect and Modify Car Software
Sources News Release
The Librarian of Congress has granted security researchers and others the right to inspect and modify the software in their cars and other vehicles, despite protests from vehicle manufacturers.
EFF to Librarian of Congress: Let Car Owners Look Under the Hood
Walsh, Kit
The reach of copyright law has expanded so far that it now threatens people's ability to repair their own cars and protect them against malware. Yesterday, EFF launched a legal campaign to fend off th...
South African Copyright Review is Overdue, Pioneering, and in Parts Completely Absurd
Malcolm, Jeremy
In our campaign against the TPP's Copyright Trap, we are fighting back against a proposal to extend the term of copyright in six countries around the Pacific rim from 50 to 70 years after the death of...
Sweat of the Brow
Sources Select Resources Encyclopedia
Terms of Use
Negotiating the Jungle of the Intellectual Commons
Wirten, Eva Hemmungs
Concentrates on the conceptual foundations of the public domain and inspires readers by providing an original and innovative approach to the understanding of the public domain and its origins.
Trade agreements and the corporate war on democracy
Introduction to the November 7, 2015 issue of Other Voices
Diemer, Ulli
The Trans-Pacific Partnership, negotiated in secret, and now scheduled to be rubber-stamped by national governments on a take-it-or-leave-it basis, is best understood as a major milestone in the long-...
Users Have Been Betrayed in the Final TPP Deal -- Help Us Tell Washington How You Feel
Malcolm, Jeremy
Trade negotiators from the U.S. and its 11 Pacific Rim partners announced their agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) today, concluding the final round of closed negotiations in A...

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