Copper Mining

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Arizona Copper Mine Strike of 1983: Connexipedia Article
Dispute between the Phelps Dodge Corporation and a unionized copper miners.
Intag's Recurrent Nightmare: Adding Up The Costs Of Ecuador's Mineral Wars
Zorrilla, Carlos
Intag is situated in Northwestern Ecuador. In the 1990s Bishimetal, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi, found evidence of a large copper deposit lying in the bowels of the biodiverse Toisan Range. In 1997 it ...
13 protesters against copper plant in India killed after police open fire
Shinde, Mrinalini; Bokil, Ameya
Public protests at the copper smelter plant of Sterlite Industries in the town of Thoothukudi in Tamil Nadu, India, were met with police fire during the last two days, with 13 protesters killed and an...