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Historical Survey of Communities in Toronto: New Communities and the Institutional Church
A review of the phenomenon of community in the city in the sixties and seventies.
How Canada's Christian right was built
McDonald, Marci
The religous right is organizing hard, and effectively, to get their hands on the levers of power.
Delespesse, Max; Renshaw, Dick (ed.)
These are nots of remarks made at an all-day consultation between New Communities and representatives of the Churches of Toronto.
Movement for Christian Feminism
This pamphlet outlines the goals of the Christian Feminist Movement which is engaged in an ecumenical project designed to enable women concerned about sexism in the Churches to discover their role in ...
La Social-Democracie et les militants chretiens; texte-outil no. 6
Renaud, Gilbert; Vaillancourt, Yves
This study is prepared for militant christens engaged in the Quebec worker movement. It provides a history of social democracy in Europe through the early part of this century tracing the three stages...
Us and Them: Building a just workplace community
Sutherland, John R. (ed.)

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FORUM - A Publication of Catholics for Social Change
Periodical profile published 1976
Serial Publication (Periodical)
Calendar, information, communication and support.