Charitable Giving

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Against Charity
Snow, Mathew
Snow criticizes the growing social movement 'Effective Altruism', which is characterized by calculating where expendable income is best spent and by encouraging the relatively affluent to channel thei...
Altruism Can Be Contagious: Contagious Altruism
Altruism inspires more altruism, according to many studies.
Occupy Giving Why do the 1% give less than the rest of us?
Morris, David
Nearly two thirds of Americans donate to charities each year. This year we will send more than $225 billion to charities. This year, when the stark divide between the 1% and the 99% has begun to infor...

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Riding a wave of economic growth
Asian charities, awash with cash, are filling the gap left by the west
Nunns, Cain
Asian charitable organizations have grown in number and capacity in recent years, partly filling the gap left by western organizations and donors that have been crippled by the recession.