Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS)

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Dark Days: The Story of Four Canadians Tortured in the Name of Fighting Terror
Pither, Kerry
An exposé of Canadian national security investigations, Kerry Pither's Dark Days exposes a disturbing record of human-rights abuses, both at home and abroad, and ultimately questions our notion of the...
Political activist Ken Stone takes CSIS to task for alleged harassment
Weinberg, Paul
What is it like to be targeted by Canada's spy agency? Veteran anti-war and environmental activist Ken Stone knows firsthand and is willing to talk about it.
Secret Service: Political Policing in Canada From the Fenians to Fortress America
Whitaker, Reg; Kealey, Gregory S.; Parnaby, Andrew
A history of political policing in Canada.
Taking liberties: When elite representatives define 'national security'
Behrens, Matthew
Most reporters assigned to the national security beat are not physically embedded within the RCMP and CSIS in the way those covering the occupation of Afghanistan seem to become stenographers for the ...

Sources Library

Covert Entry
Spies, Lies and Crimes Inside Canada's Secret Service
Mitrovica, Andrew
A glimpse into the inner workings of Canada's secret service.
Devices that track, spy on cellphones found at Montreal's Trudeau airport
Radio-Canada's Brigitte Bureau
CBC Radio-Canada investigation already found electronic surveillance devices near Parliament Hill.