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Canadian Mining Corporation Receives Permits in Mexican Indigenous Territory
Leon, Fernando
Canadian mining companies have found a way to expand their operations in Mexico. Recently the Mexican government awarded 22 permits to British Columbia-based First Majestic Silver to mine for silver i...
Chiapas Murder Draws Criticism of Canadian Mining in Mexico
Bricker, Kristin
The recent murder of Chiapan anti-mining organizer Mariano Abarca Roblero has drawn sharp criticism of Canadian mining in Mexico.
Citizens Protest Lack of Consultation about Canadian Mine in San Jose del Progresso: Popular Forces Occupy City Hall and Threaten to Incinerate Hostages
Davies, Nancy
Inhabitants of San José del Progresso, in the district of Ocotlán, affiliated with the Assembly of People United for the Valley of Ocotlán in Defense of Nature and Popular Autonomy, and opposed to the...
FTAA, The Hydra's New Head: Against The Current vol. 90
Hart-Landsberg, Martin
Capitalism in many ways is like the mythical hydra of Greek legend, a gigantic serpent with multiple heads, the center one being immortal; every time an attacker chopped off one of its outer heads, tw...

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