Connections, Vol.1, No.2
Periodical profile published 1979

Brem, Maxwell
Publisher:  Development Journalism Group of the Ryerson Third World Centre, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1979  
Pages:  16pp  
Inactive Serial

Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX956

This newspaper is concerned with "news about Canada and the third world."

Abstract:  This newspaper is concerned with "news about Canada and the third world." Issues such as education, a Caribbean Common Market, the bishops conference in Latin America and population are represented in this second issue.

In "Food - Thinking about Eating," Peter Davies reflects on his ability to enjoy food while others are in hunger. Dissatisfied with the exploitation in the food industry by such people as those who run the vast transnational food corporations, he proposes membership in food co-ops. This he sees as an opportunity to "reclaim some of the power others have usurped." Such co-ops must link themselves with co-op food producers. Further, a proposal is made for a co-op organization which transcends national boundaries to "enhance the efforts of the people of third world countries to achieve food self-sufficiency and enable the fruit of all the world to be enjoyed by the people of all the world with honesty and justice." Such organizations work in Australia/New Zealand and Holland/the Third World. Canadian he claims, should work for the same results.

Don Lyons writes about the work of the Canadian Union of Co-operatives (CUC), in "Redistributing Wealth through Co-ops." The CUC is working in such places as Tumarikop, India. Here the Gramodhara Co-operative Society has been established in the hope of solving the economic and nutritional problems of the area. One step has been to provide dairy cows to some of the poorer families. The CUC hopes through this activity, and related actions, to promote social development, not only in Tumarikop, but in the Caribbean, Africa and Latin America where it is also working.
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