Working Toward Whiteness
How America's Immigrants Became White

Roediger, David
Publisher:  Basic Books, USA
Year Published:  2005
Pages:  339pp   Price:  $26.95   Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX9433

Working towards Whiteness looks at the concept of race, identity and "whiteness." Beginning with the history of southern and eastern European migration Roedigger examines how within a span of decades European " non-whites" became integrated into white society predicated on the discrimination of blacks. He also discusses the concept of "other": in the second half of the 19th century Asians were the "other", today Latinos are the "other." The concept of other lets us define ourselves. He looks at the economic and social status of Latinos and Blacks-far from becoming the "new whites" Latinos are more likely to become the "new Blacks." Equally important to this question is the role of the state in promoting whiteness. Roedigger challenges the historical realities of ethnicity. He calls for a move forward in our thinking of race relations lest the deep contradiction in U.S. society and how it deals with non-European immigrants will inhibit the realization of new coalitions and wiil lead to continuation of one race pitted against the other.

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