Deep Ecology
Living as if Nature Mattered

Devall, Bill & Sessions, George
Publisher:  Layton (Utah), Gibbs M. Smith, Inc.
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX9319

Devall and Sessions explain the concept of "deep ecology" in a systematic manner. As they explain "Deep Ecology" as first coined by Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess means: deep meaning, deep commitment and deep questioning of all aspects of life. It is an ecosophy. According to this philosophy which goes beyond biological ecology, man is of the same intrinsic value as all other things-man must be able to identify with the rest of humanity and the rest of the non human world. Deep ecology offers a philosophical base for environmental advocacy. Devall and Sessions cite numerous authors both well known and obscure (Huxley, Carson, D.H.Lawrence, Robinson Jeffers, Beston) and also anarchistic movements of western culture to explain this process. Deep ecology aims for an abolishment of state systems, going back to decentralized, self-regulating communities. The authors point to the resolution of our ecological crisis by developing a system which meets the needs of the people, employ appropriate technologies and is ecologically sustainable. They also point out that deep ecology movement dares to challenge the environmental establishment.

Subject Headings

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