Women Organizing for Change
Confronting the Crisis in Latin America

Publisher:  Isis International and DAWN, Santiago, Chile
Year Published:  1988
Pages:  112pp   Resource Type:  Pamphlet
Cx Number:  CX9299

A series of articles which seek to examine the effects of recent profound economic, social and political crises of the part several years, particularly the effects of the crisis on the lives of women in the region.


Table of Contents:

Development alternatives with women for a new era - DAWN
The crisis in Latin America and its impact on women - a summary of research by members of the dawn network in latin America - Neuma Aguiar
Women confront the economic crisis and demand participation - Socorro Ramirez
Women in labor unions: organization, practices, and demands - Monica Gogna
The impact of the crisis on women of the mining region - Gloria Ardaya S.
Sex and crisis - Carmen Barroso
Latin American Women and the Crisis - Irma Arriagada
Women's economic projects: reflections from experience - Patricia Rivas
Poor women in Santiago: something more than the crisis - Claudia Serrano Madrid
The women's movement in Latin America: a challenge for analysis and action - Virginia Vargas Valente
Women in transition: from the separate to the whole - Ana Criquuillon and Olga Maria Espinosa
The Struggle for social security for the domestic worker - Magdalena Leon
For an Afro-American feminism - Lelia Gonzalez

Subject Headings

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