How to Make Meetings Work
The New Interaction Method

Doyle, Michael
Publisher:  Joved, New York, USA
Year Published:  1976
Pages:  299pp     Dewey:  301.183
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX9292


Table of Contents


1 Why Meetings Are Important
2 What Goes Wrong at Meetings
3 The Case for a Group Memory
4 How to Find Win/Win Situations
5 A Summary of the Interaction Method
6 How to Be a Good Facilitator
7 How to Be a Good Recorder
8 How to Be a Good Group Member
9 How the Boss Stays Boss
10 How to Plan Your Meeting
11 What Type of Meeting Are You Going to Hold?
12 Who Should Attend Your Meeting?
13 How Many People Should Attend?
14 How to Make Meeting Rooms Work
15 How to Put It All Together: The Agenda
16 Solving Problems in Groups: The Tools
17 How to Make a Presentation
18 How to Introduce the Interaction Method into Your Organization
19 How to Train Yourself

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