Healing the Wounds
The Promise of Ecofeminism

Plant, Judith
Publisher:  Between the Lines
Year Published:  1989
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX9202

An anthology of writings on ecofeminism.

Healing the Wounds is the first published anthology of writings on the theme of ecofeminism. The book is organized around four major themes: the meaning of ecofemisnism; ecofeminist politics; ecofeminist spirituality and ecofeminist community. There are twenty-five contributors from around the world. Topics include Western medicine's attitude toward nature, Third World economics, personal empowerment, Native traditions to name but a few. The essays are not dry academic papers but a collection of personalized stories, many anecdotal, poems and interviews. Two other major aspects found within this anthology are the critique of patriarchy and the vision of another reality as imagined by the authors.

Subject Headings

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