How Things Don't Work

Papanek, Victor and Hennessey, James
Publisher:  Pantheon Books, New York, USA
Year Published:  1977
Pages:  154pp   ISBN:  0-394-49251-X
Library of Congress Number:  TX335.P34   Dewey:  640.73
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX9184

Pananek and Hennessey focus on appliances, tooks, and devices that are at the nub of modern living. They show how some of our most cherished possessions, ranging from simple household fixtures to sophisticated electronics, don't work, and challenge us to rethink the uses of technology to demand and create products that are useful, built to human scale, safe, ecologically sound, and inexpensive.


Table of Contents

Preface: Methane Indigestion, Solar Power and What You can Do
1. How Your Bathtub Doesn't Work
2. Share Your Lawn Mower, Lady?
3. Why Not Build a Piano out of Used B-52 Wing Struts?
4. Why You Can't Build a Lemon Alone
5. Would you Like a Fuzzy Photo in 8 Minutes?
6. No Roast Tonight - the Lights on my Carving Knife Need Realignment
7. Now that my Hand is Covered with Soup, Where do I get the Cup?
8. You too can own a "Handyman's Special"!
9. Is your Hi-Fi out of Fashion? Is your Mink Coat Obsolete?
10. Can you participate in a Fire Engine


Subject Headings

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