Gedenkstatte Deutscher Widerstand
Exhbition Resistance to National Socialsim

Steinbach, Peter
Publisher:  The German Resistance Memorial Center
Year Published:  1993  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX8958

A thorough and chronological account of the many forms of resistance to Nazism in Germany.

Abstract:  A brief booklet, this is a thorough and chronological account of the many forms of resistance to Nazi Germany. Much of it is written in the form of an annotated time line. It begins in 1918 with the defeat of Imperial Germany and ends around 1945. Topics include the foundations of National Socialism, the various groups that opposed the Nazis before and during their reign, and the ways in which they practiced their activism. Resistance occurred within and without Germany, and played an important role in the downfall of the National Socialist regime.

26 small sections make up the information package. Resistance came from the labour movement, from exiles and refugees, from liberals, conservatives, Protestants, Catholics, youth, and from the Jews themselves. There was active opposition through the arts and science and through appeals to foreign parties. Motives differ somewhat from defence of human rights, to following religious traditions and to personal hardships. This guide attempts to reveal the motives, methods and goals of each group that opposed the NSDAP.

[Mia Manns]

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