A Call to Justice Today for Our Children Tomorrow: A Declaration

Publisher:  Project North, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1979  
Price:  Free  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX868B

A Call To Justice Today For Our Children Tomorrow

Abstract:  A Call To Justice Today
For Our Children Tomorrow


IN VIEW OF the repeated calls of the Native People of Canada for recognition of their aboriginal rights and;

IN VIEW OF the fact that these aboriginal rights constitute fundamental moral and ethical issues concerning the future of this country and;

IN VIEW OF the fact that our churches have taken a strong public position in support of the struggles of Northern native people for recognition of these rights and;

IN VIEW OF the fact that injustices to one group within society dehumanizes all persons in society,

The Time Has Come

For us as Christians in Canada to join together in a call for justice today for our children tomorrow:

BY AFFIRMING the necessity of a new covenant between native people and other Canadians;

BY DECLARING our responsibility for stewardship of creation;

BY COMMITTING ourselves to personal and public witness;

BY ACTING in solidarity with native people in our common struggle for justice.

This call is being circulated in churches across Canada. You are invited to read and share this declaration and to sign, clip and return the signature portion.

You can indicate, by signing the attached form, your willingness to join in a partnership with native peoples and other Canadians in personal and collective action for the struggle for justice and responsible stewardship.

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