Israeli army's attitude: Regret, but no real enquiries and certainly no one punished

Visser, Nadette de; Cazes, Séverine
Date Written:  2003-07-30
Publisher:  Reporters without Borders
Year Published:  2003
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX8657

The issue of the security of journalists working in the Occupied Territories cloaks another major political issue, that of the restrictions which the Israeli army imposes in the name of security on journalists working in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, especially Palestinians. Israeli officials are unstinting in their criticism of the way the foreign press covers the conflict. The foreign press rejects the criticism and accuses the Israeli authorities of trying to restrict access to information and to influence the way it is treated. Some go so far as to accuse the Israeli army of deliberately targeting journalists.

Subject Headings

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