Documentary of Revolution in a Chinese Village

Hinton, William
Publisher:  Monthly Review Press, USA
Year Published:  1966  
Pages:  672 pp   ISBN:  978-1-58367-175-7
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX8621

William Hinton's work is a marvelous and revealing look into life in the Chinese countryside, where tradition and modernity have had both a complementary and caustic relationship since the Chinese Communist Party first came to power.


Table of Contents


Part I: Sowing the Wind
1. Long Bow Village
2. Can the Sun Rise in the West
3. Eating Bitterness
4. Three Pillars of Heaven
5. The Teaching of the Lord of Heaven
6. Invasion
7. Collaborators
8. Seeds of Change
9. The Whirlwind

Part II: Sunrise in the West: The Year of Expropriation
10. Which Road?
11. Beat the Dog's Leg
12. Find the Leaders
13. Dig Out the Rotten Root of Feudalism
14. Wang Lai-Hsun is Next
15. The Fruits of Struggle
16. Half of China
17. Counter Measures
18. Founding the Village Communist Party Branch
19. Peasants or Workers?
20. Contradictions, Internal and External
21. All Out War - Retreat
22. Organizing Production
23. Abuses of Power
24. The Blackmail of Wang Yu-lai

Part III: The Search for the Poor and Hired
25. Cosmic Wei Ch'I
26. To the Village
27. The Work Team
28. Those with Merit will get Some, Those without Merit will get Some
29. Self Report, Public Appraisal
30. Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggarman, Thief
31. The Revolutionary Heat
32. Brothers
33. A Curved Road
34. Drama in the Fields

Part IV: Who Will Educate the Educators?
35. Confrontation at the Gate
36. The Village Leader Bows his Head
37. 'I Dare not say I have Finished'
38. Days and Nights
39. A Summing Up
40. The Lucheng Road
41. In the Dragon Hall
42. When Poverty Outranked Heaven
43. Unity Through Struggle
44. When I get my Share
45. Unite Real Friends, Attack Real Enemies

Part V: Recapitulation
46. The Native's Return
47. Both Ends Sun Unseen
48. Class Differentiation Repeated
49. It is too Slow!
50. Who Dares Man the Second Gate?
51. A Young Bride Leads the Way
52. The Gate in the Church
53. Upgrading

Part VI: Drastic Reappraisal
54. On the Eve of Victory
55. We Tried to be God!
56. Who is to Blame?

Part VII: Untying the Knot
57. Disaster
58. Revolutionary Steeling
59. Mutual Aid
60. The Village People's Congress
61. A Final Determination
62. The Midnight Raid
63. Hsueh-chen Dissents
64. 'Illegal Fruits' Returned
65. Arrests and Restitutions
66. 'Self Report, Public Appraisal' Solves the Tax Question
67. Long Bow to Tsai Chien

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