Defending the Oldman River
A conversation with Milton-Born-With-A-Tooth

Publisher:  Cassette Culture
Date Written:  05/06/1991
Year Published:  1992   First Published:  1991
Book Type:  Audio Tape

Resource Type:  Audio
Cx Number:  CX8486

An interview with Milton-Born-With-A-Tooth about the struggle to defend the Oldman River in Alberta.

Abstract:  Despite a federal court ruling, the Oldman River Dam in Alberta was completed without an environmental impact assessment. In the summer of 1990, the Lonefighters, traditionalist members of the Peigan Nation, decided to take the defence of the river into their own hands. Craig Benjamin spoke with their leader Milton Born-With-A-Tooth about the failure of the legal process and the need to build links in support of native rights.

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