Canadian Crossroads International Newsletter

Publisher:  Canadian Crossroads International, London, United Kingdom
Year Published:  1978  
Inactive Serial

Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX847

A variety of articles regarding underdeveloped areas of Canada.

Abstract:  A variety of articles in this issue take a look at resource industries in underdeveloped areas of the country. A detailed analysis of the pulp and paper industry in Nova Scotia reveals how licensing of crown timberlands to two large companies, Nova Scotia Forest Industries and Scott Maritimes Ltd., has encouraged industrial expansion in pulp and paper at the expense of small woodlot owners, the dwindling sawmill industry and the environment of the forests as a whole. The result has been almost total market control by these companies. Most of the pulp is exported and jobs are minimal, as only the primary processing is done in Nova Scotia.
A related article attempts to break through the many myths perpetuated about the Newfoundland seal hunt, emphasizing not only the scientifically proven humaneness with which the animals are killed, but also the stringent controls that presently govern the industry to prevent extinction. Consequently, none of the major internationally respected animal concern groups opposed the seal fishery. The author points out the economic importance of this industry to the basic survival of many Newfoundlanders.
An article on native development outlines how a history of forced assimilation and ignorance of native values have led to many of the problems which exist today for native people. The author calls for the development of an autonomous community-oriented economy, small-scale community enterprises and activities, appropriate technology, and provincial and regional development corporations to aid in resource planning, design and the provision of necessary capital.

Periodical profile published 1978
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