Nuclear Reaction Nucleaire

Publisher:  Maritime Energy Coalition, New Dominion, Canada
Year Published:  1978  
Inactive Serial

Resource Type:  Serial Publication (Periodical)
Cx Number:  CX845

Abstract:  This bilingual publication is in the form of a news magazine. It covers items on energy alternatives and conservation. Also included are articles written by various interested people on these topics. The numerous areas described are the use of wood gas for domestic purposes versus oil and electricity; report of the Alternate Energy Fair held in June 1978; Disarmament; an up-to-date report on activities at Pointe LePreau; and many other related articles.
One of the major items is a reprint from the Critical Mass Journal in which Dr. Thomas Mancuso, a leading authority on environmental cancer and occupational health, is interviewed. Dr. Mancuso relates how he was treated by the U.S. government when it received the findings of his research studies. Dr. Mancuso's study entailed the measurement of long-term effects of low-level ionising radiation. The response of the U.S. government in October 1976 was non-acceptance of the results of the study stating that more research was necessary when Dr. Mancuso recommended that the so-called safe-standard re-exposure be reduced at least tenfold.
Another article attacks the method of advertising for more electricity consumption. The Global and Mail ran ads that read "'No electricity' out-breaks of violence, terrorism, traffic lights dead, accidents happen, no food, supermarkets closed." These advertisements further elaborated by telling the readership that only nuclear fission could solve this energy shortage threat. Dr. David Brooks and Chris Conway of Energy Probe stressed the basic falseness of such advertisements. It was suggested that this type of advertising be channelled through the Canadian Electrical Bureau and the EEMAC before printing.

Periodical profile published 1978
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