Six Red Months in Russia
An Observers Account of Russia Before and During the Proletarian Dictatorship

Bryant, Louise
Publisher:  George H. Doran Company, New York, USA
Year Published:  1918
Pages:  299pp   ISBN:  0-904526-79-8
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX8297

Louise Bryant's account of her time in Russia during the revolution 1917-1918.

During the 1917 Russian Revolution, Louise Bryant traveled from the United States to Petrograd to witness the events of the historic socialist upheaval unfolding first hand. Written as a first person narrative, Bryant's work documents the early days of the revolution and the encompassing confusion surrounding everyday events. Living with the workers and soldiers in Petrograd and attending political meetings, Bryant captures the atmosphere and brings to life the social transformation that rocked the world. As General Korniloff gathered supporters and launched a counter-revolution to demolish the socialist uprising, Bryant's recollection of events reveals the determined spirit of the Russian people and the divisions amongst the parties leading to the eventual rise of the Bolsheviks. As an outsider, Bryant's perspective provides readers with the opportunity to view the revolution beyond the Soviet realm, often relating political leaders to famous American Presidents and providing analogies Western readers are able to grasp and understand. Six Red Months in Russia is an excellent source for understanding the early stages of the Russian revolution and the confusion surrounding the political parties vying for control. In Bryant's own words, "We must somehow make an honest effort to understand what is happening in Russia. And I who saw the dawn of a new world can only present my fragmentary and scattered evidence to you with a great deal of awe. I feel as one who went forth to gather pebbles and found pearls."

[Abstract by William Stevenson]

Table of Contents

1. On the Way to Russia
2. From the Frontier to Petrograd
3. Petrograd
4. Smolny
5. Explanations of Political Parties
6. The Democratic Congress
7. The Preparliament and the Soviet of the Russian Republic
8. The Fall of the Winter Palace
9. The Constituent Assembly
10. Katherine Breshkovsky
11. Kerensky
12. Two Ministers of Welfare - Panina and Kollontay
13. Lenine and Trotsky
14. A Triumvirate - Antonoff, Krylenko, Dubenko
15. Marie Spirodonova
16. From One Army to the Other
17. Red Guards and Cossacks
18. The Red Burial
19. Revolutionary Tribunal
20. The Foreign Office
21. Women Soldiers
22. Free Speech
23. Street Fighting
24. Men of Honour
25. German Propaganda
26. Russian Children
27. The Decline of the Church
28. Odds and Ends of Revolution
29. A Talk with the Enemy
30. Shopping Germany
31. Adventures as a Bolshevik Courier

Subject Headings

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