Karl Korsch: His Contribution to Revolutionary Marxism

Mattick, Paul
Year Published:  1962
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX8280

For Korsch, all the imperfections of Marx's revolutionary theory which, in retrospect, are explainable by the circumstances out of which it arose, do not alter the fact that Marxism remains superior to all other social theories even today, despite its apparent failure as a social movement. It is this failure which demands not the rejection of Marxism but a Marxian critique of Marxism, that is, the further proletarisation of the concept of social revolution. There was no doubt in Korsch's mind, that the period of counter-revolution is historically limited like everything else -- that the new social productive forces embodied in a socialist revolution would re-assert themselves and find a revolutionary theory adequate to their practical tasks.

Subject Headings

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