Operation Freedom

Publisher:  La Ligue des Droits de l'Homme, Montreal, Canada
Year Published:  1978  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX825

A tabloid designed to inform the public about the growing national measures in Canada

Abstract:  a) Operation Freedom, February 1978.
This tabloid was the first in a series of newspapers from Operation Freedom. Its purpose was to distribute information and generate discussion around the growing national security measures in Canada. These are seen as deliberate and systematic violations of both personal and collective rights of Canadians. One article in this issue outlines the increasing police measures against essentially political rather than criminal groups in Quebec and the rest of Canada and dating back to March 1969.
In addition, the kinds of tactics used by the "security services" sector of the police to accomplish their end are described. These tactics include "disruption" - a means by which groups are destabilized or sabotaged from within. In a number of cases, the real objective is to destroy the groups involved.
Another article describes some of the ramifications of pieces of legislation since 1970 which have aided in the movement towards a police state including the War Measures Act and the Mail Opening Bill.
b) Operation Freedom, April 1978
This issue of Operation Freedom looks at some of the factors underlying the rise of police control in Canada. A historical overview of the RCMP reveals its repressive nature right from its inception in 1873 when the Metis and Canadian immigrants were its first targets. This has remained unchanged throughout the 20th century, although tactics have become far more sophisticated since then.
Another article centres on one of the main targets of the plain clothes police-unions, suggesting some security precautions for organizers and members in their daily work and lives.

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